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Meet The Team: Eric M. Fisher

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Eric Fisher

His first job was stacking firewood at the family tree farm, but today Eric Fisher puts up sticks for WP East Builders as a senior project manager. Find out more things you didn’t know about Eric below!

Name: Eric M. Fisher
Title/Position: Senior Project Manager – WP East Builders, LLC / Wood Florida Builders, LLC
Office Name/Location: Charlotte, NC Office

Fantasy career: Professional Golfer.

Favorite ethnic cuisine: Native New Yorker so I love them all.

Most exotic travel experience: Not too exotic but it was a blast, a week of camping/hiking in Yosemite.

Starbucks order: Prefer Dunkin or Tim Horton’s.

Most played song on iPod: Any album by The Tragically Hip, Roger Waters or Mumford and Sons.

Best advice you ever received: No matter what you do in life, strive to be the best at it.

Your secret talent: According to my wife, being Superman!

What you like most about your work: Teaching the new generation of construction professionals as much as I can before I start to forget.

Favorite weekend activity: see fantasy career above; or drinking…I mean boating on Lake Norman.

Worst subject in high school:

What inspires you? Two women; the love of my life, Tiffany and Mother Nature.

Most productive time of day: usually when all the emails stop coming in and the phone is quiet, just haven’t figured out when that happens.

Reality show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch: all U.S. Politicians.

Person you’d like to have dinner with: My Father, God rest his soul.

Your first job: Stacking firewood at the family tree farm; I think it was a violation of child labor law now that I ponder it.

What you’re most proud of: My family.

A business tool you can’t live without: Samsung S III.

Next travel destination: most likely NYC to visit my son.

What’s next for you: Building the Florida and Atlanta boys’ projects, so a lot more airplane time, Chairman’s here I come.

A bad habit: procrastination in filing paperwork.

Favorite possession: hopefully by the time this is published, Sig P226 Elite.

What book is on your nightstand now? E-book “Dante’s Inferno”, yes it’s a pain trying to follow old verse.

A job you’d want if you weren’t doing this job: God there are too many; where do you start?

Words you live by: a wise man once said “don’t deal with a liar or thief”.

First thing you do when you get to the office: say ‘Good Morning’ to Ann Adair; well at least until she retires at the end of October. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to replace you Ann! You will be missed.

Last thing you do before you leave your office: turn off the lights.


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