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The Hidden Savings of Public Transportation

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There are may ways that we can enrich our planet and make it a better, more sustainable place to live. They can be as big as planting trees or as small as using biodegradable or reusable grocery bags. But one of the most vitally important ways to help the environment involves getting from Point A to Point B: carpooling and public transportation.

Today’s infographic from creditdonkey.com outlines the positive impact that increased public transportation has made in the past few years. Thanks to so many people opting not to use their cars, as much as 37 million tons of CO2 are not released and 340 million gallons of fuel aren’t used annually. That’s a lot of saved money on gas, too!

Wood Partners is always seeking ways to locate its communities near public transportation and encourage its resident to walk, bike or carpool if that is more convenient.  For more information on the benefits of public transportation refer to the infographic below.




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