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Our Commitment to Doing Green Right

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Green building is now at the core of everything we do at Wood Partners; not because it’s trendy, but because – when it’s done right – it just makes sense.

We design and construct every new project to the standards of the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes or the energy efficiency standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program from the U.S. Green Building Council whenever possible. And we don’t stop there. Many of our communities also incorporate construction waste recycling, transit orientation and other techniques to reduce their environmental impact.

We focus on making our buildings better – not just slapping on the latest green technology – so that our properties stand the test of time and continue to deliver real value to both our residents and our investors.

Wood Partners’ 100 percent commitment to green building is the result of detailed research during which we surveyed our tenants, explored alternatives and created detailed cost analyses.

In a 2007 survey of our 6,000 apartment residents at the time, 80% of those who responded said environmental issues were a concern – particularly energy conservation and recycling – and more than 60% said it affects their purchase decisions.

To respond to our residents’ concerns, our experienced and creative construction team developed a detailed strategy to achieve the standards of ENERGY STAR or LEED that we believe is the most comprehensive and effective in the industry.

Today we are comfortable with green building, and confident that Wood Partners can deliver the lowest cost, highest quality green communities of any high-volume builder in the country.


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